" When you meet Gabrielle, you'll immediately feel like you're hanging out with one of your girlfriends you've known for years! Not only is she professional, honest, and fun, she is an absolute sweetheart and truly cares how YOU feel on your big day. I have always been terrified of anyone doing my makeup because I'm scared I'll look silly with more than I usually wear- but Gabrielle is so incredible, she makes sure you're comfortable with each look and amount of application. If theres something you wish was a little different, no worries! She makes sure it's exactly what you want! This girl is beyond talented and made me feel like a queen on my wedding day! My mom has refused for years to let anyone touch her face..I talked her into letting Gabrielle do her makeup for my wedding, and my mom felt so beautiful. I've already been searching for reasons to have her do my makeup again! Love her! "

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